Why Insights Matter When Running Rabbit Farm And How To Use Them?

We all know how data’s impact our world today and how they are going to impact our world on future generations too. Any business regardless of its size and category data has proven to serve the purpose without any doubts. Hence as the world keeps growing and evolving, the need for data and their uses keep increasing. 


Now, what’s the relation between running a rabbit farm and having data to get insights?


As said earlier, no matter what type of business or work you do - having data will always help you to know the better version of what’s going wrong, what’s working and reasons to many more questions.


A quick note: Jump to the last section to know what type of insights BunnyRecords offers you if you want to get to the point 😀

And yes, let's check out the top three reasons why insights matter

  1. Many of them who run a rabbit farm or breed rabbits will obviously use an app or excel sheets or software to keep a track of their records. When we say records it is not just about the count of breeders or kits but more than that. Such as knowing more about gestation period, survival rate, litter size etc. Cool, but how do we get them and use them for better growth? That’s the reason why recording these data’s matters later which helps you in grabbing some helpful information.
  2. Make better decisions - yes. The main purpose of data is to understand your work better and make it even better by knowing how it works and all other small details that you were missing. For instance, know the missed pregnancy, growth rate of kits insights and many more.
  3. Record - Analyse - Implementation. Now that you have started recording the most important data’s it's now time for you to analyse them and work on how to implement them for the growth or goal you are looking to have. But do you have any particular app or software for that?


If you don’t then check out BunnyRecords - your one-stop destination for rabbit records.


With BunnyRecords, you can explore many different insights options like


  1. Gestation period
  2. Litter size
  3. Survival rate
  4. Growth rate
  5. Live & died kits
  6. Missed pregnancy
  7. Meat production of each doe’s
  8. Death analysis reports
  9. And lots more!


Install BunnyRecords and feel free to contact us for any queries or doubts. Would you like to give us some valuable information to improve our app? You are most welcome <3


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