Get Full Assistance With Our App Throughout The Whole Lifecycle Of Your Rabbitry Journey.

Maintain & Manage Your Rabbit Breeders Record

Add and manage new breeders record

Add multiple breeder’s record at a time

Import breeders record from other application

Update the breeders status as sold, butcher, etc

Create pedigree reports and export them to PDF

Manage breeders in a cage for your ease and print cage cards

Create a custom breed chain for your rabbitry

Track the weight of your breeders for better health analysis

Report Kits Birth, Create Litters & Many

Create litter by adding the mating date & other details

Update kits birth directly by adding breeding plan details with live and died count

Update multiple kits status as butchered, sold, died etc

Record kits weight for health analysis

Get overall litter’s information like age, average weight, survival rate and many

Add & Schedule Tasks

Add a to-do task for your rabbitry

Get notified on tasks in your to-do list

Set up the time for notifications like single, weekly or monthly

Track Your Rabbitry’s Income & Expense

Add every expense spent on breeders, general, etc

Add income you got from your rabbitry

Your income gets automatically updated when you change the status for any breeders or kits as sold/butchered

Grab Insights On Overall Rabbitry’s Performance

Get overall reports on breeders, litters, kits and spending

Get reports on doe’s missed pregnancy

Get a graph report on the survival rate of kits

Get reports on your rabbitry’s average litter size

Reports on the growth rate of doe’s kits

Get overall reports on live and died kits

Reports on overall meat production of each doe’s

Get the overall rabbitry’s death analysis report

Technology & Security

All your breeder’s records are kept safe in cloud technology

App provides high-level security to all your records

Get access to your records anywhere at any time with just one login

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